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You spend majority of your time and energy on work. We believe that work should be a source of identity and inspiration, a place where your contribution matters and is respected.

We want to be the best choice for our customers but more importantly for our employees. We believe that happy employees make happy customers. We want to grow and we want you to grow with us and support you in your journey to the best professional You in the field of Cyber Security. Those are some of the things that we, as OptimeSys, have set out to do.

We have a strong, diverse team of young(ish), curious, creative people who have drive and genuine passion for cyber security.

We are ambitious and never ready – we are constantly growing and evolving to meet tomorrows demands.

We work hard. but not too seriously.

Come work and grow alongside with talented people.

Join the forefront of Cyber Security.


We have no open positions at this time, but if you are as excited about cyber security as we are and have interest in joining our team, please let us know more about you! Let us know about your superpowers with open application.