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Cyber Security

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Foresee, monitor, detect & react

Cyber Security Operations Center


Cyber Security
Operations Center

The heart and soul of your cyber defence, OptimeSys Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC).

Have peace of mind by having us monitor, detect, contain and remediate any cyber threats across your network, system and devices. Our CSOC utilizes the best technologies in the field as well as AI and is highly automated to detect and react to the most advanced cyber threats.

The ability to continuously foresee, monitor, detect and react is the corner stone of your cyber defence and this is what you get with CSOC – your own team of Cyber Security Specialists to keep your business safeguarded in all times.

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Get a single source of truth to data


Security Information
And Event Management

Security Information & Event Management system (SIEM) monitors your entire IT environment, keeps an eye out for anomalous activity or unusual behaviours and stores and combines data from the different technologies within your system. Centralized log analysis allows your organization to have a single source of truth for data from across the entire IT system. And the best part is that SIEM doesn’t just identify whether a security breach happened: it can also pinpoint how it happened, and whether it’s associated with any other potential breaches.

SIEM is an integral part of information security architecture and a must have for every organization over 100 users.

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Security Information and Event Management


Maintain a strong defence today and tomorrow

Continuous Cyber Security Services


Continuous Cyber
Security Services

Ultimate protection with OptimeSys Continuous Cyber Security Services (CCSS). Our expertise is based on hundreds of cyber security projects in various IT environments. No matter if it’s your cloud environment, office environment, industrial environment, users or endpoints, we will help you to find the suitable defence solutions for your environment. Our Continuous Cyber Security Services team keeps your defence solutions up to date and maintains the environment. You can have peace of mind knowing that your data is safeguarded.

Protect your environment with best practices and technologies - and keep it protected in ever evolving threat landscape.

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vulnerability management

Gain visibility and control vulnerabilities



You will never be able to have a vulnerability-free IT environment but by identifying the weak points you can prioritize on what matters the most and improve your security posture. With OptimeSys Vulnerability Management you get an overall visibility to your organization’s vulnerabilities and can control them from a single point of view. If and when cyber criminals figure out a way to utilize a particular vulnerability in your system, you are able to take action in minutes.

Innovative VM technology combined with our expertise allows you to stay one-step ahead of attackers. Our experts leverage threat intelligence across different verticals so they can anticipate vulnerabilities even faster, to keep your environment safer.

Knowledge and visibility are the key components of your organizations defence.

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Vulnerability Management

Cyber Security Services

Why choose us as your
cyber defence partner?

Experience & Passion

We know our stuff and have a true passion for cyber security. Our expertise is based on hundreds of projects in various customer environments. Our hands-on experience and deep understanding of the cyber defence landscape, technologies as well as customer needs makes us a strong player in the field. 

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You are number one. Always.

Customer satisfaction is the heart of our business. We strongly believe that happy staff makes happy customers. We focus on our employees’ well-being, continuous education and make sure they always have the best tools available for their work so they can purely focus on delivering the best possible service for you.

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Trust & Partnership

179 000. This is the amount of users & endpoints within our Continuous Cyber Security Services in Q4/2018. By protecting these endpoints & users, we secure the daily production and productivity of billions of euros. For us partnership is all about trust, risk taking and risk management on your behalf.

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When the benefits, efficiency and savings achieved through advanced cyber defence solutions are the selection criteria, approximately eight out of ten companies choose us as their cyber defence partner. Book an online meeting and let’s find out if we are a perfect match.

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