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Comprehensive information security as a service


Starting Point

Arctia Ltd. is an expert in Arctic conditions which provides icebreaking and specialised multipurpose vessel services in polar areas. It is a limited company owned by the state of Finland.

The reliable operation of IT services and systems is critical to Arctia. IT environment needs to be stable and secure in all situations, so that Arctia can carry out its tasks properly and secure the reliable sea connections of the Finnish economy during the winter season.

In summer 2014, Arctia put the maintenance of its IT systems to tender. OptimeSys was selected to be responsible for maintaining Arctia's critical environment with its communications connections on land and at sea.

The cooperation between Arctia and OptimeSys started already in 2014 and during the years it has evolved into a comprehensive outsourcing of their whole information security.



OptimeSys manages Arctia's IT systems and provides continuous monitoring, NOC  and cyber security as a comprehensive service.

The latest addition to Arctia's service portfolio was the SIEM system: In 2016, Arctia searched for a solution to monitor and manage changes in information systems and to receive reports on network events.

Our solution for Arctia was our unique SIEM system service model, OptimeSys SIEM as a Service.

Log Data Management enables Arctia to gain greater visibility into systems, active log monitoring and if necessary, rapid response to potential threats, as well as post-investigation of potential data breaches.

The most important selection criteria for Arctia were the total cost of the service, ease of deployment and trust in the security partner.

The SIEM service provides Arctia automated tools for managing and reporting log data, security threats and deviations. The service made it possible to improve Arctia's security and to enhance various functions.



The SIEM solution was taken into use in the Arctia environment without heavy deployment project – thanks to the OptimeSys’ convenient SIEM as a service model. OptimeSys took care of the deployment from start to finish. OptimeSys' ongoing SIEM service includes monitoring the operation of the system and detecting the occurrence of network anomalies.

The biggest benefits of the solution for Arctia are the ability to react quickly to possible deviations and the availability of an undeniable event log.


"The continuous, uninterrupted availability of IT services is very important for Arctia. With OptimeSys, we can make sure that we have reliable and up to date systems in use. We have also been very pleased with the centralized management of log data (SIEM). We recommend getting the solution from OptimeSys as a comprehensive service."

Mika Maaranen

ICT Manager, Arctia Oy

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