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City of Valkeakoski

Comprehensive management and visibility into IT security events


Starting point

Valkeakoski is a city of 21,000 inhabitants in the Pirkanmaa province. It is especially known as the central city of the paper industry, as an industrial location and as a diverse cultural and sports city. The City of Valkeakoski is responsible for organizing the services of Valkeakoski, Akaa and Urjala with the liability model. There are a total of 43,000 inhabitants in the city's operational area.

The Information Management Department of the city of Valkeakoski had found out that maintaining a reliable IT environment required so much special expertise in different fields of IT that it was not practical or cost-effective to have in-house personnel to every area of expertise. The department made a strategic decision to outsource all the operations, that can be outsourced, to a partner network and focus the internal resources to managing and maintaining the IT entity.

The importance of IT security has recently become even more important (eg. the data protection regulation has set various requirements to protect citizens' information) and the level of claims has risen. As a result, the city started looking for a knowledgeable IT security partner with technical know-how on selected security products and above all on how to develop the organization's technical security.

The operating environment is extensive: it has about 2,400 endpoints and the same number of users. The project includes all municipal endpoints (educational institutions, health centers, administration) and Valkeakosken Energia Oy, whose electricity trade is based purely on IT functionality.

Cyber security plays a vital role in the organization.



OptimeSys was selected as the City of Valkeakoski's partner mainly for its Trend Micro expertise. Valkeakoski has the cyber security market leader Trend Micro's technologies in use. They valued highly OptimeSys's certified expertise in Trend Micro technology offering: OptimeSys is the only Trend Micro Platinum partner in Finland, and Professional Services partner in the Nordic countries.

OptimeSys had provided the City of Valkeakoski information security licenses and technical consultancy since 2013. In 2017, the collaboration expanded as Valkeakoski outsourced their whole technical IT security management to OptimeSys. The service, CCSS (Continuous Cyber Security Services) includes maintenance of various IT security solutions, updates, regular reporting and development meetings.



Markku Salakka, the CIO of City of Valkeakoski, says that outsourcing their IT security to OptimeSys has many excellent outcomes. They have achieved better management of their IT security events and a holistic view of their entire IT environment and security. Today they can base their decision-making purely on information instead of guesswork or assumptions.

"The service has absolutely met our requirements and goals. The maintenance and partnership model work properly and the reports come in time. What is promised, is always kept", says Salakka.

The City of Valkeakoski values long-term partnerships based on a strong relationship of trust. "Although much is said about corporate cultures, ultimately the most important thing is that people get along, and personal relationships have to be taken care of. Here OptimeSys has been extremely successful and has redeemed its promise as a reliable, professional and service-minded partner", Salakka states.

Markku Salakka - CIO, City of Valkeakoski
"I can definitely recommend OptimeSys as a security partner for large environments and demanding security needs."

Markku Salakka

CIO, City of Valkeakoski

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